Why Choosing Site Build It is the Right Choice

Choosing Site Build It was the best decision I made when I was mapping out how I would go about building a successful website. There are no other offerings that include all the tools necessary to be successful.

Sure, there are easier ways to build a web site but online profits require much more than having a collection of Web pages. SBI is the only option that includes all the tools you'll need to build a profitable business website.

By choosing Site Build It, you get more than just trendy site builder software. You get an all inclusive package that includes top notch affordable website hosting, keyword research tools, site submissions, integrated auto responders and the list goes on and on.

SBI is the only product offering that prepares you before you build a website, to be profitable and successful. If you are a beginner, the learning curve is short and you'll bypass all the common mistakes that typically made in the beginning stages of building a website. Choosing Site Build it ensures you are ready for success.

SBI includes an action guide that presents a step by step process to give you all the tools needed to build a successful business website. The learning guide is available in written or video format so learning is always available to you. Using the action guide teaches you how to make a website profitable from the very beginning.

Niche Research

The most common failure with non-SBI sites is not following the right process. You must build excellent website content, generate targeted website traffic, presell your visitors and then monetize website traffic.

By Choosing Site Build It's powerful Brainstorm It tool, you can verify that your site concept has an acceptable profit potential. This tool has saved myself along with many other SBIers from making the all too common error of choosing an website concept that you just can't win due to the nature of the competition. 

Taking advantage of SBI's Niche Choose It tool will help you make that final decision on your website concept. It uses complex decision matrix theories that makes your decision simple and flawless. Using this tool you can be confident that you can go from concept to website and earn money.

Choosing your best site concept is not always as obvious as it seems. Brainstorm It and Niche Choose It takes you down the right path for your business and ensures you make the right choices.

Using Monetize It, you can choose the best monetization options for your site. Creating a diverse monetization plan will help you maximize your profits and long term growth.

Site Building

When choosing Site Build It, there's absolutely no need to know HTML or any other programming language. With SBI, you get one of the best web site builders on the market today. The block builder trains you how to create a web page that is human friendly and optimized for the search engines.

By choosing Site Build It, you get the most intuitive tools on the market. It's easy to build a website using the SBI block builder but more importantly, you can build a highly effective site that gets targeted website traffic.

If you are an experienced webmaster, SBI is compatible with popular HTML editors like Dreamweaver and image tools such as Photoshop or Flash. SBI allows for maximum creativity for all skill levels of web building.

SBI includes domain name analysis, optimization and registration. There's no way you can go wrong while using the tools. You have an opportunity to become the best in your niche (and profitable too).

As far as hosting goes, there are no decisions to make. By choosing Site Build It, you get affordable website hosting and there are no hidden fees like there are at other web hosts (size, capacity....etc). Web hosting is included, period, end of story.

Submit Your Site to Search Engines and Boost Website Traffic for Free

Using SBI, you get it right the first time so you can focus on how to generate website traffic.

To submit your site to the Search Engines, you are required to submit a special file called a "Sitemap XML" file. SBI does this automatically for you which is a huge time saver for you.

Using SBI's search engine report you can see how your pages are performing in the search engines. These are reports that aren't available elsewhere but at SBI, they are at your fingertips. It's easy to check search engine ranking using these reports so you can better monetize your top performing pages.

SBI includes Value Exchange which is an automated link building tool. Value Exchange saves lots of time for a task that is normally very tedious and time consuming.


SBI includes a form builder with auto responders. You can build everything from contact forms, survey's or polls to easily communicate with your visitor. No need to use your own e-mail address, you have one attached to your domain with SBI.

Also included is list building and e-mail marketing. You can alse use the automatic site blogging feature which turns your site into a blog. You reap all the benefits of a blog without a need for extra skills or tools.

Typically, the form builder, auto responder, list builder and e-mail marketing tools are bought separately and are all quite expensive. With SBI, it's all inclusive.

SBI has a no risk, 30 day money back guarantee. It's a decision with no risks involved. There's no reason not to try SBI for your website.

SBI also comes with unlimited customer support. As an SBI owner, it's the absolute best support I've ever experienced and utilizing the SBI forums complete the picture. By far, SBI has the most friendly, helpful e-business forums in the world.

The History of Solo Build It

SiteSell.com was established by Dr. Ken Evoy in 1997. His series of books have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Make Your Content PREsell! and Make Your Words Sell!, formerly books sold by SiteSell, are now free. They are literally the dynamic duo of "Web-writing."

Dr. Evoy realized that the average business person needs more than some information in books, no matter how good. S/he needs both the C T P M process and an all-in-one Web site hosting, building and marketing suite of tools that enables them to execute the process flawlessly. To this day, SBI! is unique.

Ken Evoy provides a rare level of dedication to his customers. He's extremely active in the SBI! forums with over 5000 posts to date. He makes a tremendous personal effort to help people succeed and is highly passionate about helping people build businesses online. Anyone who owns SBI! can benefit from this extraordinary Internet business visionary.

To summarize, you can't go wrong when choosing Solo Build It for an affordable, revolutionary system to build your website.

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