How to Monetize Your Website

In this article we'll look at how and when to monetize your website. It's so tempting to want to start  putting up ads immediately, but don't give into the temptation. It you have a small site with ads everywhere, it'll just turn visitors off.

There are 3 things you should have before you monetize your website.

  • You should have a minimum of 30 pages of excellent website content before you put any form of monetization on your site. The reason behind this is users are searching for information, most are not specifically searching to immediately buy something. 
  • Your Website should have at least 6 high-quality inbound links. This ensures you have enough traffic to monetize.
  • Your Website should have at least 30 visitors per day as a result of your high-quality inbound links.

Ways You Can Monetize Your Website

Promote An Affiliate Product

The best way to monetize your website is to promote affiliate products. Each affiliate product you promote should have a "personal" feeling about it.

Think about a magazine or television ad you've seen. All commercials or ads promote a product and it's benefits. You're acting as an advocate for the product.

  • Provide specific details about how the product will help save time and effort.
  • Be honest, if there are some cons about the product provide this feedback as well as you don't want to mislead a visitor just so you can make a commission. It's all about trust and loyalty. Be loyal to your visitors and they'll be loyal to you.

Choose the Right Affiliate Product

  • Sometimes choosing the right product can be a challenge. Don't get caught up in the rush to monetize your website and forget that you should evaluate "will visitors find this product useful, will it meet their needs?"
  • This is an extremely important step. Think about what led your visitor to this page on your site in the first place, and deliver a product in line with your content.
  • You should know the facts about the quality of the product before you promote it on your website. Do this by researching forums and feedback on various websites to see what previous buyers of the product have to say. Did the product meet their expectations or need? If no, this affiliate product is not something you want to promote.

Affiliate Networks

Join an Affiliate Network to find products and/or services relevant to your niche to promote.

Listed below are the top affiliate networks to join.

  • Now, let's look at other ways to monetize your website.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Generally referred to as PPC, the concept is self explanatory. You place ads on your site and if a visitor clicks on the ad, you earn money.

Typically, you won't make loads of money from Pay Per Click Advertising but it can be combined with other methods of monetization for for your site. Some pay per click advertisers are: Google AdSense, Chitika, BidVertiser, and Clicksor.

Cost Per Mile (CPM)

Commonly referred to as CPM, this method of monetization refers to the cost of 1000 ad impressions.

The most popular CPM networks to sign up for are: Tribal Fusion, Advertising, Vibrant Media, Infolinks and Value Click.

You are paid by ad views whether a visitor clicks on the ad or not. If you don't have a high website, your earnings will be slow until traffic increases.

Write an E-Book

You're already building your niche site so why not write an e Book?

There are so many e-readers now days people are starting to shy away from physical books. Creating your own e-book is relatively cheap and easy.

  • Using your best articles, plan the outline for your book.
  • Write the book in Microsoft Word (or your word processor preferred software).
  • When you have completed your e Book, convert it into a PDF file and design a cover for it.
  • Select a self publisher such as Using CreateSpace, your book is made available in print should you choose to market offline.
  • Amazon has a service called Kindle Direct Publishing where you can self-publish your books and make them available to various mobile devices. Using Amazon, it takes about 5 minutes to publish your book and you earn 70% royalties. You can also publish in multiple languages if needed.

Sell Your Own Products

Has your dream always been to sell crafts? Create and sell your own merchandise on your website. You'd be surprised how many people would be interested in purchasing your unique creations.

Sell E-Goods

Sell e Books, MP3s, clip art, cartoons or software. The ideas for website monetization with e-goods are limitless. If it can be in a digital format, it's an e-good.

No inventory to keep up with, no's a no brainer.

Sell Services

If you have a craft website, create "how to" videos that go with your e Book and sell them online. Create both a digital and hard copy (CD) version for sell.

The key here is to deliver what your visitor is looking for. If they landed on your site because they are interested in learning how to make crafts, deliver what they are searching for.

In summary, make every visitor to your website count and create multiple online income streams.

Diversifying your income stream allows you to monetize more visitors (all visitors may not be searching for the same thing) and you are not solely dependent on one source of income.

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