How to Monetize with Adsense

If you are planning to monetize with adsense, I'm sure you are aware it's by far the most cost effective way for a company to advertise their business.

How Does AdSense work?

Companies choose to advertise with Google AdSense because it will be seen by people all over the world. Advertising with Google AdSense is the most probable way to gain popularity on the web. 

Companies who advertise with Google Adsense get the most bang for their buck by using Adwords. They only pay when someone clicks on their ad. They set their own threshold for marketing each day and this can be updated at any time. This type of advertising is what you'll hear referred to as pay per click. 

Pay Per Click advertising works somewhat similar to an auction. Advertisers will bid on keywords or phrases that their target audience may search for when they are looking for specific products.

Often on a search engine, pay per click ads are displayed as "sponsored ads" or "sponsored links" which makes them noticeable on a page filled with search results and text.

When you do a Google search, at the top of the page you'll notice the sponsored ads maybe in pink or light brown background. These are noticeably called Sponsored Results. These advertisers pay Google each time their ad is clicked. You'll have to admit, it's a pretty slick way to advertise your product or service to the world.

Adwords allows advertisers to compete for the highest spots in the search engine results. These advertisers bid on keywords. The advertiser with the highest bid and best quality ad gets the top spot in the search ranking results.

Google provides companies with total control of their own advertising. They aren't locked in by contracts and they can take their ads down at anytime. No wonder Google has done so well, they know what their customers want.

Monetize Your Website with Adsense

Using AdSense, you earn a share of the revenue that Google earns as an ad publisher. When you post Google Adsense ads on your site, you earn between 60 and 70 percent of the pay per click fee while Google gets the remainder.

Google AdSense is a great way to monetize your website but please do not think it's a way to get rich quick. If you monetize with adsense, it is simply an additional income stream for your website. 

Like you'll hear me say numerous times, don't get so caught up in monetizing your website that you forget about your visitors. It is imperative that you build great content to achieve targeted traffic before you even start thinking about making money with Google Adsense.

How much do you earn per click with Google Adsense

I do not have that answer and neither does anyone else. Don't fall victim to the get rich quick internet scams that claim you will make $20 per click. 

Google is the only one that has the answer and they aren't going to tell you either. However, logging into your Google account will tell you how much you're earning. If you've earned $1.00 for 10 clicks, you made .10 per click on an average. They won't tell you how much you earned for what ad, only a grand total per day. One ad may generate .10 cents while another may generate 2.00. It's all about the competition in bidding on a particular keyword search.

The more competition for the keyword search, the higher the bid the advertisers will pay. This results in more money for you as the publisher of the ads.

How to join Google Adsense

After having at least 30 pages of good quality content, you are ready to join Google Adsense. Go to and fill out the application to monetize with Adsense on your site.

Upon acceptance, Google will provide you with HTML code you will use on your site. It's as simple as copying and pasting the code into your pages where you'd like to post the ads. Google offers the option of text based ads, image ads or you can select a combination of both if you wish. Google also allows you to customize the colors of your ads to match your site.

Before joining Google Adsense, read their terms and conditions very carefully. You do not want to violate their terms and be banned from using AdSense. Remember, Google is servicing its clients and it earns money from its advertisers. The ads that you display are costing someone each time there is a click.

Google takes its business very seriously and you should too. They monitor each click closely especially if you are a new publisher.

If they detect anything out of the norm for your site such as confirmed fraudulent clicks (clicking on your own ads, asking friends on facebook to click on your ads) they will disable your account faster than you can blink. They are protecting their advertisers and rightfully so, they have a business to run.

As frustrating as it might be to be banned from using AdSense, Google is sharing it's revenue with us. They are not obligated to share anything. You accepted their terms and conditions when you signed up and you agreed to not violate the terms of that agreement.

Occasionally, Google may disable an account and the owner has no idea why. Once your account is disabled, any communication with Google is automated and it's almost impossible to reach a real person or appeal the account being disabled.

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