How To Monetize Facebook

Who would have ever thought you could monetize Facebook?

Heck, who would have ever thought we would have had such a thing as social media a decade ago. I still remember party lines and the thought of  a revolutionary social media tool being in existence was not even fathomable 10 years ago.

There are no other social networks as popular as Facebook today and it's an ideal way to promote buzz about your website. Not only is Facebook a great traffic generator but you can also monetize Facebook in the same manner you would your website. It takes so little time to take advantage of these benefits. In as little as 30 minutes or so a day you can reap the benefits of social media and marketing.

In essence, Facebook is a webpage just like any other. That being said, advertisements can be put on your Facebook page and like all other search engines, you can attract traffic just as any other webpage.

Your Facebook profile page should serve as a resource to attract and increase traffic to a website. Your Facebook page should also contain material relevant to your website content and tempt your visitors into visiting your site.

While you are using Facebook to drive traffic to a website, you can also use your Facebook page to make money. Not only can you monetize your website with ads and affiliate products, but you can use the same tactics to monetize social media such as Facebook. 

Ways To Monetize Facebook

Show Ads on Your Facebook Page

Another awesome way to take advantage of the money making opportunities of Facebook is to show ads on your page. You can utilize the same network advertisers as you do on your website. Such PPC advertisers are Google AdSense, Chitika and MediaNet just to name a few.

Affiliate Marketing

When promoting an affiliate product or products from Facebook, use the same rules as you would with your website. Join affiliate networks that have products relevant to your audience and share the link on your Facebook page. The code that you embed into your Facebook page includes your affiliate id which means from every sale made from your page, is money in your pocket.

You can also create a dedicated Facebook page to promote your affiliate product of choice. Add your friends to the page, they add their friends, they add their friends and it turns into a paycheck every month for you. It takes as little as a couple of hours a week to maintain the page after the initial setup time of 30 minutes. Extremely low maintenance with a great potential for additional income.

Create Your Own Facebook Application

Another great way to monetize Facebook is to create your own Facebook application. After the creation of your app, you can promote it on your blog or website as well as your Facebook profile page.

Promote an e-Book

If you are savvy enough to monetize Facebook by creating your own Facebook application, you are savvy enough to create and promote your own e-Book about how to create Facebook applications. There are many people out there who do not know the ins and outs of Facebook, a quick and simple instructional guide to assist them could bring extra income to your website or Facebook page.

To summarize, using Facebook is an excellent way to drive traffic to a website and has many monetization options just as your website does. 

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