Top Selling Affiliate Products and Programs

By hosting the top selling affiliate products on your website, you are monetizing your site to its maximum potential. Don't waste ad space when you can earn a higher commission on alternative products

Before we begin, it's crucial that you understand what affiliate networks are and how they work.

What are Affiliate Networks

  • Affiliate networks or programs are in essence where you sell products or services on behalf of another company and receive commissions for your sell.
  • The primary method of selling these products are by placing ads on your blog or website as well as e-mail marketing.
  • For every sale that takes place by someone clicking on your link, you are paid a pre-determined commission. Depending upon the affiliate network or program, your commissions can range anywhere from 10% to 75% of the price of the product or service.
  • There are no earning limits placed on affiliates. There are people that earn their living from being an affiliate. I have listed some of the top affiliate programs out there today.
  • There's no reason that you shouldn't start to monetize your website or blog from some of the best high commission affiliate programs right now.

List of Top Selling Affiliate Products and Programs


Becoming an affiliate of Amazon, you can earn up to 20% of the product price for all sales coming from your link. Amazon has the top selling affiliate products on the market today. You can't go wrong by joining Amazon's affiliate program, it's a great way to monetize a website.

Commission Junction

The best affiliate network program ranking as number one in the world is Commission Junction. Joining their affiliate network puts you in a position to work directly with advertisers and negotiate your commission if you are a successful seller.


If your website promotes digital products and how to guides, you stand to earn affiliate commissions unlike anything you've seen. Clickbank has the top selling affiliate products of the digital world. By joining their top affiliate program, you have the opportunity to market products for your visitors no matter the niche. Clickbank has products to satisfy the needs of your niche no matter what it may be.


Everyone knows Apple is the most successful company in the world. You can advertise their revolutionary products on your website. With a selection of everything from the iPad, iPhone and iTunes, you can't go wrong advertising their products. 


Hostgator not only provides exceptional service to their customers but also affordable website hosting. By choosing from over 100 banners, you have the opportunity to earn from one of the best affiliate programs. Best as in paying the best affiliate commissions out there today. Hostgator is by far the best high commission affiliate program.


Linkshare has been around for many years and is one of the top affiliate networks. They are not only known for their reputation, but also the opportunity to earn money without selling products. They offer commissions for various lead generation and sign ups.


PeerFly is a different type of affiliate network. Their commission structure is based on a "cost per action" ad network. Unlike many other affiliate networks, PeerFly doesn't depend on hosted mechanics that are unreliable like other networks. PeerFly was built from the ground up which makes them trustworthy and accurate when it comes to payments. PeerFly has thousands of publishers and will quickly become the affiliate network of choice for both publishers and advertisers.

By offering top selling affiliate products on your website, you are destined to start earning money by simply having an online presence.

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