Choosing Keywords for Your Website

Choosing keywords for your website carefully will be the first critical step in planning to build a website.

What are Keywords Used For?

  • Search engines use keywords to determine if your website will be included in their search results. Since it's your keywords that determine whether or not you are in the search engine results, it's a sure fire way to boost website traffic for free.

  • All of your Web pages should have keywords that are included throughout the content of your site. The keywords should also be used in the title tag, headings, attributes and link text. This allows the search engine spiders to determine what your website is about and in turn you are getting targeted website traffic.

  • Don't use the same keywords on all of your pages as it could negatively impact your ranking in search engines. Even though it's not intended, it could look like keyword stuffing to a search engine. The search engines do not like to be manipulated so don't stuff keywords for the sake of more website traffic.

  • Your keywords should be used appropriately near the top of the page and preferably in the first 200 words of your page. Remember, most readers surfing the internet are in a hurry. If you don't grab their attention above the fold of the page, there's a good chance they won't scroll down.

Before You Build a Website.....

  • If you're planning to build a website, it is critical that you research and hone your list of keywords before you begin. 
  • Keywords are the key that allows you to get targeted website traffic. 
  • Getting targeted website traffic is the only way you can build a profitable business website.

What Are Keywords?

  • Keywords are the words you used when searching on the internet. 
  • For instance, if you have a website that sells custom chicken coops you'll see that the search for chicken coops produces 2,820,000 results. However, a search for custom chicken coops has 259,000 results. You want your keyword to be custom chicken coops because that narrows down the search and you have less competition with that keyword.
  • To optimize your web page for the search engines, you assign keywords to those pages. The keywords tell the search engines the subject of your page content. The consequences of selecting the wrong keyword is huge. Selecting the right keyword could mean success or failure when it comes to organic ranking on the search engines.
  • Avoid the broad keywords. As we discussed in the example above, the keyword (key phrase) custom chicken coops has less competition than chicken coops. 
  • A keyword with less competition will have a higher conversion rate on your site. Keep this in mind when choosing keywords for your website.

Should you repeat keywords?

  • Only if they are relevant to the content and only if the phrase is different that what is used on a previous page.
  • For example, if you use the keyword chicken coop 15 times on a 500 word page the search engines will see it as keyword stuffing and may penalize your site. However, if you use custom chicken coop, custom chicken coop reviews, custom chicken coop supplies....etc on the same page or across different pages, the meaning of each varies and a search would produce different search results for each.

Keyword and Content Relation

  • When choosing keywords for your website, make sure the keywords relate to the content on a web page and website. If you don't have custom chicken coop reviews, don't include it as a keyword because you are misleading users and not fooling the search engines.
  • The search engines protect their users and may possibly penalize your site for this type of thing. I wouldn't recommend it. Don't use a keyword just because it ranks high but has nothing to do with your site. Pick keywords that are relevant to your site and web page.

In summary, choosing keywords for your website will be your first, most important step to build a profitable business website to start earning residual income for your future.

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