The Difference Between AdWords and AdSense

Being new to the world of network marketing, you may be wondering "what's the difference between AdWords and AdSense"?

What is each specifically and how can Google products help you monetize or advertise your website?

While both are related, each are different tools used to either advertise or monetize a website. 

To outline the difference between AdWords and AdSense, let's look at each in detail.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Google's PPC (pay per click) advertising flagship which is the biggest source of revenue for the company. The design of PPC marketing entails an advertiser bidding on keywords relevant to their products and/or services. PPC works similar to an auction. The higher your bid for a keyword or phrase, the higher your site appears in the Google search ranking results.

PPC advertising is an extremely cost effective way for a company to gain additional online exposure while keeping their costs under control. The advertiser does not pay per impression, but only if the ad is clicked on. An advertiser using Google AdWords is also ensured they are not charged for bogus clicks. Google prides itself in their ability to provide quality marketing and PPC click fraud detection for their customers.

The PPC ads are displayed on Google search results as well as on sites that have agreed to partner with Google through their AdSense program. The website will have relevant keywords that match the advertisement.

Now that leads us straight into reviewing Google AdSense.

Google AdSense

If you are a website owner, you can sign up for Google AdSense and submit your site for review and approval into the program. When accepted, Google allows you to post Google AdSense ads on your site. The ads can range from text, video, image or interactive depending on the ad type you select. 

As a website owner, you are always looking for ways to maximize your revenue and monetize your site effectively. Google AdSense is a prime opportunity. 

How Does AdSense Work?

Code is supplied to you by Google and you incorporate into your site. It's as simple as copy and paste, there are no techie tools needed. When a visitor to your site clicks on an AdSense Ad displayed on your website, Google pays you a percentage of the revenue generation.

Google AdSense ads are targeted based on the site content of where they are displayed. In order to have targeted ads on your site, you must ensure that Google can understand what your pages are about when crawled. The most important keys to ensuring the ads displayed are relevant to your site content are:

  • Meta tags should include keywords based on the subject of your site.
  • Headings should also include keywords relevant to your site.
  • Keywords should be placed within bold tags.
  • The webpage title should be descriptive and include keywords relevant to the content of that page. Also, it is important to include keywords in the first paragraph of your page as it helps the web crawler to determine the subject of your content.

Why Are Targeted Ads So Important?

By incorporating the above into your website content, you help Google and they help you. What I mean by this is it assists Google in determining the subject of your content so the Ads displayed on your site is relevant and in turn you increase your Google AdSense revenue.

Let's use an example of where using irrelevant keywords in a webpage could cause ads displayed on your site to be unrelated to your content.

  • Your webpage is primarily about saving money but your main title is "Collecting Dolls". 
  • When a visitor lands at your site, they are searching for ways to save money so when an ad is displayed that has nothing to do with their search, they aren't going to click and you aren't going to earn. 
  • The results are - the ad isn't clicked and your revenue from Google AdSense is not what it could be. 

I think you can now see the clear difference between AdWords and AdSense. While they are entirely different, they are related. AdWords allows a company to advertise while AdSense allows webmasters to earn a share of the advertising revenue.

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