Using Trigger Words and Phrases to Increase Conversion Rates

Discover how using trigger words and phrases can entice your visitor into that much wanted click.

Maybe you're wondering why you are getting targeted website traffic but not that much needed click? You've reached your goal of a top ten search ranking but the traffic just isn't converting.

Why do some websites motivate you to immediately give them your credit card information?

I'm not sure about you but my nature is more of a technical and analytical nature. Selling just isn't a natural strength for me. I suspect you are much like me, it requires some extra creativity to write that perfect "presell" copy. 

While you are browsing the web, be on the lookout for ads that trigger the purchasing emotion in you? Can you incorporate some of the same trigger words and phrases into your website contents?

Let's take a look at some trigger words and phrases that can increase conversion rates all by themselves.

What are Trigger Words and Phrases?

A trigger word or phrase initiates initiates a process or course of action. Using these words and phrases in optimized website content can trigger a user to click a link, stay on a website and read the content or decide to purchase a product.

There have been many tests conducted that reveal there are certain words and phrases that can improve your conversion rates. There are many words that basically mean the same thing, but using the wrong one can reduce your chances of making money quite drastically.

It is vital to your success as an Internet marketer that you learn what words sell and what words don't.

Let's look at some trigger words and phrases you can incorporate into your website content to "trigger the sale".

Trigger Words


Supposing you have a website geared towards crafts and you want to sell your new eBook. Your sales copy should read "Discover the secrets of designing incredible crafts" instead of "Learn how to make crafts".

Do you see the difference here? Discover eludes that something is hidden and it's in everyone's nature to uncover something new.

The word learning leads people to think "I don't have time to learn something new" and thus, you lost the sale in a matter of a few interchangeable words.


Providing people with what to expect as results give a feeling of confidence and makes your visitor comfortable with the product or service and helps them get beyond the initial doubt that is natural.

You should position the word "results" in several places on the page. The most important position is near the "buy" button.


Immediately your visitor feels comfortable and you've eased their fear of being taken advantage of. 


Using the word proven gives the user the same feeling as guarantee and results. They've overcome the natural skepticism with your use of quality trigger words and phrases.


It's a fact, people like their "things" to be new for many different reasons.


Tremendous gives the visitor that the results are not only great, but even better than they can imagine.


Talk directly to your visitors in your content like you were sitting across the table from them. Your visitors are reading your content to satisfy a need "they" have so address them directly.

Trigger Phrases

Act Now

This phrases implies that the product could be sold out any minute and if the visitor wants a slice of it, they better act now before it's gone.

Free anything....

Free directory, Free Course, Free Gift....etc. Anything free grabs people's attention. 

Limited Time Offer

This phrase provides the same impact as Act Now. It implies that if the visitor waits, they could miss out on a sweet deal.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

This phrase eliminates the risk associated with making a purchase. It eliminates the fear of the visitor that they'll be taken advantage of them.

You've just given them a guarantee that making a purchase won't be a bad decision on their part.

Below is an additional list of words and phrases you can incorporate into your content to improve your website conversion rate.

  • Popular
  • Power
  • Practical
  • Professional
  • Profitable
  • Quality
  • Rare
  • Can you Imagine
  • Major Breakthrough I want to share with you
  • Revealed
  • Revolutionary
  • Scarce
  • Best Of All
  • I've Got Good News for You
  • Listen Closely
  • The Most Powerful
  • How to Get the Most
  • Buy One, Get One Free

In summary, using trigger words and phrases in your optimized website content can greatly improve your website conversion rate and you know what that means........more money in your pocket.

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