Tips for Writing Website Content

Writers block? Not sure what to write about? Writing website content can sometimes be challenging and that's without a doubt.

Some days you are just blank with no new ideas on what to write about while there are other days you just can't get it from your head to the keyboard.

While creating unique content can be a challenge, if you follow the tips outlined below it will make it much easier. It's not really as complicated as it seems, you just need new ideas for writing website content.

Use What You Know

You're an expert in your niche. There are many things you know about your particular topic that others are searching for. While you may think you have nothing more to offer, that's never a true statement. There is always someone searching for knowledge that you have. Think about questions you have been asked about your topic, put those questions and answers into content. If one person asks, there are likely others with the same questions.

Free Articles for Website Content

There are many article directory authors who have written content for the sole purpose of distribution to others (as long as you give them credit). There are some really good articles out there. If you are struggling writing original content, you may want to check out one of the many popular article directories such as GoArticles, EZineArticles, ArticleRich or ArticleAlley.

Check out my list of Free Article Directories for a complete review of some of the top article directories available today.

Current Headlines

What is being discussed in your niche? Join a forum or blog to get an idea of what's happening and deliver content to address those questions. 

LongTail Keyword Phrases

Using the Google Keyword Search Tool, search for various long tail keyword phrases in your niche and see the alternative suggestions. Another idea is to do a search regarding your niche and see what is out there.

  • Is there a particular question no one has answered?
  • When you do a search do you get quality results or are they lacking?

It's your opportunity to to satisfy the query and make your mark as the expert in your industry.

Content Value

What value does your content add? The key to writing website content that engages the visitor is to offer solutions. Most people searching the web today are searching for an answer to a particular problem. Delivering unique answers to these queries is your ticket to targeted website traffic.

Visitor Feedback

Your readers can tell you what they are in need of. Participating in a blog allows you to see feedback or comments from visitors giving you additional information for your fresh, quality content that satisfies the needs of your audience.

Small Amounts of Information

Be careful not to overwhelm your audience with too much information in one page.

Planning and organizing your web content should include planning out the content for each page so it's in "chunks" so the visitor is not overwhelmed by one page.

It's easy to do, you want to share all the possible information in one page of content but engage your audience first, then go deeper using a Tier 2 page with more information on the subject.

In summary, you can get many content writing ideas from participating in forums, blogs or using what you already possess, the knowledge in your head. Don't underestimate the power of unique content that you already possess in your head.

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