Inbound Links and Traffic

High quality inbound links and traffic go hand in hand. If you have high PR back links, you are guaranteed to get targeted website traffic that results in a greater conversion rate.

Inbound links (also referred to as backlinks) are by far the number one powerful tool for your website search engine ranking.  Inbound links are 3rd party referrals telling the search engines that your website is a credible and accurate source of information on a specific niche or topic.  Not only will inbound links to your site increase traffic, but it will also improve your SEO exposure and public relations with the World Wide Web.

Inbound links and traffic are heavily intertwined.

An inbound link to your site creates referral traffic to your website from another. Providing the referring site has relevant content to your site, the link also gives the visitor the opportunity to visit your site and see what you have to offer. This is one very important reason that you acquire inbound links from sites with similar or related information. You do not want to mislead a visitor just for the sake of getting a link.

There are two types of inbound links: text and graphic.  Inbound text links have proven to be a better for improving your page ranking. Let's look at the difference of inbound text links versus graphic or banner links.

Text Links

It is imperative that inbound text links on your website and pointing to your website should consist of a keyword or keyword phrase that you wish to get better search ranking for.

Banner and Graphic Links

Both a banner and graphic link will increase traffic to a website but neither hold the same weight in regards to SEO. Seo text links should always contain specific keywords relevant to your content.

How To Acquire Inbound Links

In order to be high in the Google search engine rankings, you must have well thought out inbound link strategies. Your most profitable webpages should be top priority in your inbound link campaign to achieve a high traffic conversion rate.

There are many ways to obtain inbound links to your website. The best way to promote your site is to submit to free article directories, post in forums or contribute blog posts to a blog relevant to your niche.

Free Article Directories

  • By joining free article directories and posting articles that contain relevant content to your particular niche, you get inbound links from the directory as well as targeted website traffic from visitors who view your article in the directory. 

Blogs and Forums

  • By posting to blogs or forums, you can increase website traffic and acquire that much wanted high PR inbound link.
  • Posting to forums relevant to your niche is an effective way of getting targeted website traffic and networking with people who have the same interests as you do.
  • By far the biggest advantage of joining and posting on message boards is that every post you leave behind, has a signature on it. The signature contains a link to your website. 
  • By utilizing public forums, your inbound links are discovered by search engine web crawlers much quicker.  

Now that you have a good start on your inbound link strategies, you'll start seeing that you're well on your way to a top ten search ranking. 

Remember, inbound links and traffic go hand and hand. However, don't get so focused on link building that you forget the need of your visitors and that is high quality content.

If you have high quality content, your link building strategy also includes attracting inbound links. Your content is so great, other websites want to link to you. 

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