The Role Of Inbound Links

The role of inbound links on your website is critical to search engine optimization. A good inbound link to your site ensures a better search ranking just by acquiring that one link.

No matter what niche you've chosen for your website, link building plays a critical role in your success.

However, one inbound link isn't enough. Your website will need many high quality inbound links to get ahead of the competition in your niche.

First, let's look at the role of inbound links on your website, then we'll talk about your link building campaign.

High Quality Inbound Links Increase Search Engine Ranking

Increasing your search engine ranking goes hand in hand with generating more website sales and traffic. Achieving a higher search engine ranking is a sure fire way to get targeted website traffic. Getting targeted website traffic is a win-win.

High Quality Inbound Links brings Free Traffic for Your Website

A critical role of inbound links is to build more website traffic for your site.

Visitors to the referrer's site click on links to arrive at your site so inbound links on their own generate direct traffic to your website.

High Quality Inbound Links Establish You as an Expert in Your Niche

Another important role of inbound links is establishing you as an expert in your niche.

Regardless of the niche you're in, inbound links are considered referrals from another site which gives you "authority" in your market.

The Importance of Inbound Links

  • Why are inbound links so important?
  • As we all know, Google is the greatest of all search engines.
  • How did they do it?
  • Long before anyone else, Google realized the importance of inbound links.
  • The quality of the inbound links pointing to a web page gives a view of the page's worth as it relates to content.
  • If a page has high quality inbound links, it is considered highly valued content and will achieve a better search ranking than a page with lower quality links.

SEO Friendly Link Building

The absolute best way to build SEO friendly backlinks to your site is to write articles for others.

Consider writing articles for, and

Why do I recommend these 3?

  • Because all three have a Page Rank of 6 and would be considered a high quality inbound link.
  • There are many other article submission sites such as, or and all have a PageRank of 4.
  • While a PageRank of 4 is considerably good, why not go for the highest Page Rank if you're going to bother writing articles for other sites.

It's not easy to write a high quality article but you'll find the rewards are long term and well worth the effort.

If an article directory publishes your article, you reap the benefits in terms of a higher search engine rank as well as referral traffic from the article site.

When your article is published, make sure the link pointing to your site has the keywords in it that you have chosen in your keyword search strategy. 

Link Exchange Don'ts

  • Before Google's recent algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin), many webmasters chose to go with popular link exchange directories.
  • The most recent Google update was to look for Black Hat SEO in regards to keyword stuffing and spam back link.
  • A spam back link is where there are thousands of links with the same anchor text and URL on pages that have absolutely nothing to do with the website content.
  • You don't want to have an inbound backlink from just any site. One high quality backlink with a PR 6 is worth more than 30 backlinks from a PR 2 site that is totally irrelevant to your content.
  • That being said, I do not recommend signing up with a link exchange site unless you are extremely careful about who you exchange links with.
  • The first site I built was a learning experience and I joined a link exchange site. Low and behold one of the newbie webmasters put 140 links to my site on his web page. This decreased my traffic. I had to use the Google disavow links tool (meaning, I'm sorry I did not authorize these links) so that Google wouldn't see it as spam.
  • You'll find mountains of information on the web about linking strategies and complicated tools for your link campaign but all are geared toward helping you manipulate the Search Engines to increase search engine ranking for your site.
  • The manipulation won't work much longer (if it ever really worked). The engines are updating their algorithms and will not tolerate manipulation.

Although building your inbound link campaign will take time and effort, it's well worth doing it the right way

In summary, the role of inbound links on your site get will garner you a better search ranking and drive traffic to your website.

Follow these rules to build a successful link campaign.

  • While building your link campaign, make your visitor your first priority.
  • Don't exchange links with a site that is of no interest to your visitor.
  • Only exchange reciprocal links with sites with content relevant to what your visitor is searching for when they found you.

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