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While your quality content will result in increased website traffic, it's important that you understand SEO tips and tricks to further increase traffic and help you achieve that much coveted top ten search ranking.

While your quality content will result in increased website traffic, it's important that you understand SEO tips and tricks to further increase traffic and help you achieve that much coveted top ten search ranking.

The first thing you must keep in mind is that proper SEO will take time and you must not loose your patience with the process. It could take 6 months before you start seeing results of your "link juice" passed from inbound links.

Keyword Search Strategy

  • During your initial and ongoing keyword search strategy, choose keywords that will attract website traffic but are not overly competitive.
  • Be certain that you choose keywords that are both high traffic and low competition but also, ensure they are relevant to your website content. Avoid keyword stuffing at all cost!!
  • Your webpages should be optimized with 4 to 5 keywords maximum. 
  • Your homepage should always contain your top 5 keywords.
  • Monitor Social Media to see what keywords are working for your competition? What keywords are the competitive sites ranking for? Need a keyword analysis tool to check out your competition?
  • I recommend you check out SEM Rush.

Effective Link Building Campaign

Your link building campaign should start with a plan of how much link juice do you need to surpass your competition while keeping your inbound links natural. Your natural link building plan should entail the following:

  • What is your current PageRank and how many inbound links do you need to rank higher than your competition?
  • What pages do you target within your site?
  • What anchor text words or phrases should be used while keeping your links natural?

High Quality Inbound Links

  • You link building campaign should only include websites hosted in the country from which you want to achieve a higher search engine ranking.
  • When acquiring inbound links, have a link distribution plan that is natural. 
  • Your link building campaign should include a variety of inbound links from PR0 to PR4 and higher. 
  • If your inbound links only come from a PR4 site or higher, it looks suspicious and appears that you are participating in a paid link building scam. While not all companies that offer these services are bad, you need to ensure the link building package you are interested in is SEO friendly. The SEO Tips and Tricks they use should be search engine friendly.
  • Also, your inbound links should should be from webpages that have relevant content to yours. A link from a site or webpage that has content irrelevant to yours doesn't carry near the "link juice" as does a site with similar content.
  • If you receive an inbound link from a website that has been deindexed, banned, part of a link farm or is just a bad site, use Google's disavow links tool. An inbound link from any of these will do nothing but degrade your PR and traffic. 
  • Normally, I would recommend contacting the webmaster before using Google's disavow links tool but personally I've never had any luck with that. It's best not to waste your time and go directly to the tool before you suffer further impact by the bad link.

Writing Website Content

SEO Tips and Tricks will only take you so far, you should be writing website content that focus' on the needs of your end users. While link building and PageRank go hand in hand, if you forget the needs of your visitors all of your efforts are in vain. You achieve a top ten search ranking only to have your visitor leave immediately.

Planning and organizing your web content is just as important as SEO. You should always focus on the needs of the end user first, then deliver for the search engines.

In summary, following these simple SEO Tips and Tricks can help you achieve a top ten search ranking but they can't keep you there. You should be constantly delivering fresh, quality content to your visitors.

The most important thing is to be patient. Building an online presence takes time. SEO done properly takes time. Don't give up, anything worth pursuing doesn't happen overnight. Building a website is no different.

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