How to Achieve a Top Ten Search Ranking

The coveted top ten search ranking is not near as easy to achieve as it used to be. While there are both pros and cons to recent algorithm updates, there are more pros than cons for the honest webmaster.

Google prides itself in providing users search results that meets the needs of their search inquiry. The pros of the recent algorithm updates allows more accurate search results for the end user and it also allows webmasters who provide quality content the chance to achieve a top ten search ranking.

The only con to the most recent updates is that those practicing search engine manipulation tactics will suffer. I personally do not consider this a con, it's a plus because the majority of those websites do not deliver quality content. This leaves a negative impression with the end user about both the website as well as the search engine used to find it.

Achieving PageRank

Now, let's talk about how to achieve the much coveted PageRank. While it's true that an inbound link from anywhere can increase Google PageRank. However, depending upon the quality of that link the increase could be slim to none or even worse, negatively impact your PageRank.

While the Google PageRank algorithm is proprietary information owned by Google, one can decipher the importance of acquiring high quality inbound links. Since each inbound link serves as a "vote" or "referral" if you have backlinks coming from a site that offers little or no value to the end user, the link doesn't pass you the needed "link juice" needed to increase PageRank.

Technically, "link juice" is the PR weight passed from an inbound link. Let's take a look at each PageRank level and their weight.

PageRank Weight

Google PageRank of the Page Hosting the Inbound Link












PageRank Weight or Link Juice passed to Your Website












The PageRank Formula

Let's look at an example to better explain how PageRank Weight works.

  • Your website is currently a PR0. 
  • You acquire an inbound link from a PR5 page with 10 outbound links.
  • The PR5 site carries a weight of 3,125/11 outbound links (this includes yours)=284. 
  • Now minus 15%=241.4.

Your site now being a PR0 is equal to 1, add 241 equals 242.

Based on the table above, your site should have a PageRank of PR3. The reason it's a PR3 is because you need a weight of 625 to achieve a PR4 ranking.

Say No To Link Farms

Now that you understand how PageRank is achieved, it's time to work your way up the ladder to a top ten search ranking.

If you do a search on how to increase PageRank, you'll see all sorts of results and some of those will be what's know as a link farm or an offering to sell a link. Absolutely, do not fall into this practice of manipulating the search engines.

Google is known for penalizing link farms and other schemes that artificially increase PageRank. Manipulation could not only knock you out of a top ten search ranking, but you could be de-indexed from the engines.

Part 2.....

High Quality Inbound Link Qualifications

What makes up a high quality inbound link? What criteria is considered and why?

  • Google Penguin 2.0 makes it even more important to acquire inbound links from websites hosted in the country where you desire a higher rank.
  • As an example, if you want to be in the top ten search engine ranking in the US, you should not be working toward acquiring inbound links from Australia. Your inbound links should be from sites hosted in the US.

Natural Link Building

Inbound link quality will be your key to successfully achieving that top ten search ranking. A critical part of your link building strategy should include links from webpages with a Google PageRank 0 or higher.

Contrary to rumor, PR0 links can improve your Google search ranking. To ensure your link building campaign has a natural look in the eyes of the search engines, you must have the appropriate PageRank Distribution included.

For instance, if a website has more than 5% of its backlinks as PR4 or higher, suspicion is aroused at the search engines. The majority of your inbound links should be from PR0 and PR1 webpages.

Content Relevance

Your inbound links should only come from webpages with content relevant to your site topic. While inbound links from a website that has non-relevant content can increase search engine ranking, links from a webpage having content relevant to yours will carry much more weight.

The Perfect Inbound Link

Is there really such a thing as a perfect inbound link? Of course there is. Your ultimate goal is to acquire an inbound link that is placed on the referring page inside the content. When you have a backlink as part of content, this is as close to perfect as it gets.

In summary, achieving a top ten search ranking will require your time and patience but it will be well worth your time and effort.

Anything in life that is worth having will take time and work, your link building campaign is no different.

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